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 Betrayal of Brothers..

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Betrayal of Brothers.. Empty
Betrayal of Brothers.. Empty#1PostSubject: Betrayal of Brothers..   Betrayal of Brothers.. EmptySat Oct 28, 2017 3:03 am

Three Years after the fall of the Reich. 

Prometheus, Darkened by the Fall of the Holy Kingdom, Countless Corrupt Undead Scream about killing those who haven't fallen to the Hallow. The war between the Mavire kingdom and the Avia kingdom has resulted in apocalyptic numbers of the Corrupt Undead. A section of land in between the two kingdoms has been named.. "Asylum." due to the shear number of Corrupted souls wandering. A dark cloud has fallen over the land, and the sun, when it does shine, feels false and synthetic. One tower, taller then all others lies in Asylum, Jerra's Tower. Jerra Walker of Oblivion has returned, his soul a-lite with Ember, the life force of the undead. He lays claim to the land around his twisted tower. Murdering those who would get in his way. His sword soaked with Blood, his walls lined with severed heads on pikes. The Holy Kingdom couldn't stand against the horrendous strength of his undead Legion.

 Jeremiah walks among the blackened grass of Asylum, his face grim and sorrowful, his wife, slain at the hands of Jerra. he shivered at how they tore her wings off, the screams.. oh god.. the screams. Jeremiah clenched his fist at the thought, the only thing that kept him going was Eden, and revenge. Eden had been captured by Jerra three weeks before, they marked him with the dark sign, a ring of fire burning into Eden's soul. Every step was one more step closer to that bastard, Jeremiah would slay him, make him feel how bad Hellena felt, one-hundred-fold. Jeremiah the Harbinger of Repent. The wind howled in Jeremiah's tattered cape, his scratched and scuffed armor, bearing the reminder of his wife's death. He wore around his neck the amulet she wore, droplets of blood on the white opal stone. 

His armor not bearing the Mavire sigil, no, but the sigil of the Holy Kingdom, A young girl facing away with braided hair in a golden sun. The sigil of the Angelic Religion. It was on his shield as well, engraved deep within his heart, engraved with blood and feathers. He wore the sigil for Judgement, he wore the sigil for Justice, he wore the sigil for Punishment..

-Innistrad 17
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Betrayal of Brothers..

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