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 OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage"

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OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage" Empty
OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage" Empty#1PostSubject: OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage"   OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage" EmptySun Nov 19, 2017 7:41 pm


Name: OSM Assault Cruiser “Barrage”
Owner: Order of Shadows
Manufacturer: Order of Shadows

Development Thread:

Materials: Neutro-Wolframium
Length: 700m
Rarity: Rare

Weapons - 8
Armor - 4
Shields - 7
Speed - 1
Maneuvers - 1

Notable Equipment:
12x Quantum Torpedo Launcher - Very high damage against hull, above average damage against armor and low damage against shields. Can fire up to very long range with a slow rate of fire.
12x Plasma Cannons - Average damage against shields, hull and armor, and capable of firing up to medium range with a fast fire rate.
20x Hellfire Turrets - Very low damage against shields, average damage against armor, very high damage against hull, capable of firing up to medium-short range with an ultra-fast fire rate. Great at point defence.
18x Deployment Cannons - Cannons designed specifically to fire people in a similar method to having a railgun loaded and shot. Launches a person in whatever direction they need to go. Troops typically equip themselves with the necessities to land or board wherever they go. It is also assumed that the person loaded is wearing a suit or armor suitable to survive the launch and the discharge forces.
Advanced Multiplex Transporters - Can perform site-to-site transport from multiple locations, at the cost of reduced strength, causing them to lack the power to penetrate through shields or interference. Strengthened to allow the transportation of resources and personnel to allow faster resupply and reinforcement.
Electronic Warfare - A means of hacking targets through their communications and sensors, as well as defending against them. Disrupts target’s systems.
Vanguard Shields - High shield strength, average shield regeneration, average shield capacity.
Drone Launch Bay - Allows the launching and recovery of drones.

Order of Shadows Military Ship: Assault Cruiser-Class “Barrage”. Developing further from the previous support cruiser “Hermes”, the “Barrage” was designed to do the same but better. With the abundance of cargo space, it was decided that systems for Quantum Torpedos would be added, and a lot of them. Torpedos are a rare commodity in the Terran Imperium, due to its damage output over time in comparison to other weapons. However, when there are this many of them, it is bound to have quite the effect, especially considering their high instantaneous damage and long range.

OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage" 49gRBTQ
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OSM Assault Cruiser "Barrage"

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