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 Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV

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Kyle Telos
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Kyle Telos

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Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV Empty
Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV Empty#1PostSubject: Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV   Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV EmptySun Nov 19, 2017 7:34 pm

Pictured: Kyle’s mother wielding the blade during her prime.

Name: Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV
Owner: Kyle Telos
Manufacturer: Manami Kyō

Development Thread:

Rarity: Unique
Type: Katana
Ammunition: N/A

Orichalcum Layers - One of the layers used to create the blade was made of Orichalcum which is strong, durable, flexible, energy-conductive to increase its parameters, and fantastically lightweight.
Living Metal Layers - One of the layers used to create the blade was made of Living Metal, a highly sought after metal which liquefies and solidifies in response to agitation. The forging process is difficult but helps to set its base form which it will return to. This gives the blade a self-repairing function so that any scratches, dents and so on will be fixed. Even if cut apart, as long as all pieces are collected and placed in its sheath, they will eventually restore themselves over a long time.
Folded Forging - By alternating the layers before heating and hammering, the metal is then lengthened, folded in half, and repeated. This creates a beautiful pattern on the finished product, and increases its sharpness, durability, flexibility and overall structure of the blade. Due to the properties of the two layered materials used, it has a massive amount of folds in it.
Stellarium Coating - Coated lightly with Stellarium to provide a black sheen while retaining its original appearance. Due to the nature of Stellarium itself, it helps the blade to cleave through and disperse energy, and help pierce through energy-based defences.
Belief To Power - After being subjected to the universe filled with magic, the blade came to life due to the power of belief. Similar to how Gods grow and weaken depending on how many people believe in them, there is also power to be found in love and wishes that an item inherits. Previously referred to as cursed weapons in old mythology, this is a more benevolent power due to the wishes it has absorbed. With the wishes of previous generations of the user, this blade can be empowered to work against things such as magic and supernatural powers, allowing it to resist and fight back. It also makes it possible to more easily channel such powers through the blade.
Cutting Edge - With such a thin cutting edge, it is technically possible for it to cut through Adamantium levels of strength of durability of metals, as long as the user has the strength to do so. It is similar to how a toothpick of wood cannot punch a hole in metal, but a toothpick of metal can punch a hole in wood given enough effort used to push it through.
Orichalcum Sheath - A specially designed sheath with a self repairing function, required due to the sharpness of the blade. Most other sheathes will be cut through by the blade. Also contains a small gimmick to clean the blade each time its sheathed, and release any impurities such as blood, ejecting it out the bottom. Can also be used as a blunt weapon.

Willpower - This blade has gained a will of its own. If it wants to cut something, it will cut it. However, if it doesn’t want to cut, then no matter what is done, it will not be cut.
Evolved - Due to the evolution of this blade, it is no longer possible to forge this blade as it surpasses the levels of beings aside from those among what would be considered a God-Tier. If it is damaged or broken, one can only wait for it to repair itself.
Bound - This weapon is bound to one person, or more specifically, their bloodline. Those that touch or wield it without permission will find themselves suffering from a curse as black shadows reach out from the blade, paralyzing and giving extreme amounts of pain to the nerves with no physical damage. Wherever the black shadows pass over will experience this, as they slowly creep their way towards the heart of the being.
Chosen - While the blade cannot be handled carelessly, it uses its willpower to choose a wielder in cases where its bound wielder is incapable of doing so, or circumstances deem it necessary. However, the blade will read the very being of the person attempting to wield it. It will not stand to be held by anyone who does not meet its standard, which is related to the message on the blade.

Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV. 愛実 (Manami) meaning “Love(愛)” and “Fruit (実)”. It was the hopes of the Manami family that this heirloom would be passed down for generations, and changed a little more for every generation that held it. A Fruit of Love, passed on to and inherited by the next generation to look after, nurture, and once against hand down. Standing at 128cm long, longer than usual katana’s, the blade has more recently been coated with stellarium to give it a black reflective sheen while allowing its beauty and history through its etching to remain visible. Single-edged with an insanely sharp edge, it is unlikely that much can stop this blade. Etched along the length of the blade is a message. “未熟果を守るために愛で育った”. Mijuku hate o mamoru tame ni ai de sodatta. The translated message is as follows: ”I grew up with love to protect immature fruits”.

A/N: Japanese may not be accurate as I haven’t learned the language.

Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV 49gRBTQ
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Manami Family Heirloom “愛実” Mk XXIV

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