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 Your Creative Rights

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Your Creative Rights Empty#1PostSubject: Your Creative Rights   Your Creative Rights EmptySun Oct 22, 2017 2:06 pm

To protect the integrity of our Site lore, history and continuity we do not allow the deletion of Codex threads once they are submitted and approved. However, this does not mean you are giving up any creative rights over the submission. See below about your creative rights.

Your submission:

  • Can not be deleted once approved unless it is in direct violation of site rules or real laws.
  • Is protected from destruction or change of ownership without your consent.
  • Can not be edited by anyone other than yourself.
  • In the case of Planets can become part of Factional territory, but will not become their creative property. (Uncharted Space is exempt from this).

Our Responsibilities are:

  • To conserve approved site lore and continuity.¬†
  • To protect the creative properties of our members from plagiarism or destruction.
  • To remove any posts or creations that violate site rules or real laws.

By submitting a creation to the Codex you are agreeing for it to become a part of the Convergence Lore, meaning people can roleplay on the planet (unless there is IC reason eg. Planet is Hidden), with the species or maybe come across a Mass-Produced piece of equipment (less likely). You are however in full creative custody of the creation.
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Your Creative Rights

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