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The I.J.F

The Imperial Justice Forum {I.J.F} is the empire's police,judges and other facets of law enforcement combined into a single organization to act as judge,jury and executioner if needs be.

A lot of bureaucratic pressure and power is placed upon officers of the I.J.F who patrol the cities of the empire from the most prestigious spires of the upper class to the deepest dank slums searching for those who wish to disrupt the peace the empire fought for.Some officers are even dedicated enough to follow criminals past Imperial borders to other galactic powers.

Because of the complex nature between Imperial society,duchy states and the sea of different races and cultures under the Imperium there is a very large number of I.J.F officers from almost every species within the empire,from veteran soldiers turned civil officers to charismatic detectives pushing the boundaries of the Imperial Legal system to capture criminals.

The I.J.F is broken up into various departments namely:

  • The Civil Police:Tasked with the defense of the general public and the enforcement of local and Imperial law.

  • Galactic Court Authority:Comprising of the various judges and their courthouses of each racial culture per homeworld. 

  • The Vigilantum: Tasked with policing newly occupied zones,acts as military police for the various branches of the Imperial Army and the Navy.Vigil Officers are also trained in counterinsurgency to pacify rebel groups in times of unrest or during occupation.Also hold the power to recruit civilians to act as self policing Vigilantes to enforce at local level.

  • Imperial Regulatory Identification Service {I.R.I.S}: Tasked with archiving and updating identification documents and dossiers on Imperial citizenry should they commit crime,this unit is also tasked with responding to any corruption found in the Imperial Hierarchy.

  • The Bounty Authority: Cooperates with Bounty hunters to ensure they do not overstep Imperial laws in their pursuit of their target whilst in Imperial space.This branch is overseen by the mysterious Imperial Agent simply called "Crow"  

There is also quite a handful of detectives and investigators working in the private sector who are aided or aid the I.J.F in apprehending crime.

The I.J.F headquarters is in New Serpentum. 



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Imperial Justice Forum

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