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The I.I.F

The Imperial Intelligence Forum {I.I.F} is tasked with collecting and evaluating intelligence to protect against internal and external threats.Their duties include.

  • Providing counsel for senior Imperial officals
  • Collecting Foreign intelligence
  • Keeping a eye on a select group of Imperial citizens
  • Providing tactical intel for the military¬†
  • Hunting down and eliminating spies in Imperial space
  • And more.

The I.I.F is led by the Spymaster of the Imperium and falls under the authority of the Imperial Court,Imperial Imperators and the Viscount.And is funded by the state and Spymaster itself.

The I.I.F is broken into several teams mainly:

  • Clandestine Service:Where spies are sent abroad to collect information on other galactic powers.
  • Support Unit:Handles recruiting and aid of Clandestine Spies.
  • Intelligence Directorate:Processes and stores information collected by the spies.
  • Equipment Directorate:Develops new technology aimed at infiltration.
  • Viper Zero: Special Blackops containment team that eliminates internal threats.
  • Public Safety Unit:Works closely with the Empire's police to capture wanted criminals.
  • Archival Security Unit:Protects the Imperial networks from hackers.

Imperial spies are well trained for their respective unit and the I.I.F only recruits the exceptional and best.

Clandestine units are obligated to kill themselves should they be captured by using a killswitch implant activated by a specific codeword.


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Imperial Intelligence Forum

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