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 Cosmic Energy

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Cosmic energy is a type of substance that resides in one of the many underlying dimensions of what many would refer to as “normal space.” The dimension, like the Celestial plane, slipspace and the magical realm exists in cohesion to the fabric of standard space. Unlike slipspace or the magical realm however, this one has rarely ever been accessed. Where power from the magical realm can be derived through the use of fey crystals, and slipspace can be accessed by tearing micro-black holes in space using special FTL drives, the Cosmic Plane is a different story.

As mentioned before, not many have gained access to the Cosmic Plane and without the necessary precautions, it is unwise to do so. The plane is completely filled with cosmic energy which in its natural state is extremely volatile and capable of vaporizing any being without suitable protection, upon contact. Within the realm itself dimensions far exceeding in number than the normal three in standard space. Residents of standard space are typically only able to perceive three dimensions. As such, the mind of any such creature will not be able to perceive these dimensions and fill in the gap with complete blackness. The Cosmic Plane is existent across the entire Convergence multiverse, allowing each universe to thrive and exist without fading away or collapsing in on themselves.


While a large number of Celestials have magic-based power, some of them are completely fueled by cosmic energy. Using this energy, Celestials can create and destroy matter, teleport over lightyears of distance instantaneously and, on the extreme end, warp reality itself.

Legends have it that a very few number of species have ever been able to gain access to the Cosmic Plane through unknown means. While this could be considered a marvelous feat of technology itself, a even fewer number were able properly extract and effectively harness the energy to power their technologies. The most notable of these species was The First, although they were not necessarily the only ones.

Types and Properties:

There are a few properties consistent throughout all cosmic energy types. They are all volatile in varying degrees of lethality, depending on the type. All cosmic energy particles, like photons, are completely massless (and as such, weapons powered by them have a muzzle velocity of c). Lastly, even the weakest type of cosmic energy lasts for several hundreds to thousands of years.

White: Cosmic energy in its purest form. It appears in this way when first extracted from the Cosmic Plane and is extremely volatile, capable of vaporizing almost anything it comes into contact with. As such, it is important that the device used for extraction features some sort of feeding apparatus that transports the energy directly into a suitable container made from the strongest materials anyone can find.
This type of cosmic energy burns for several hundreds of millennia at a time in just small amounts (and indefinitely in the cosmic plane) but is unusable due to its high power output destroying any machinery it is fed into.

Blue: After expending its entire energy output, a white cosmic energy particle will transition to a blue colour which in this form, is less volatile. There are however, unspecified refinement methods which speed this process up.
While still dangerous to organics and strong materials, it can more easily be used as a power supply for machinery without the risk of destroying it. Blue cosmic energy is able to burn for millennia at a time in small amounts, before eventually dissipating.
This energy can also be more effectively weaponised. As mentioned before, it is still dangerous against organics and most strong materials - only to a lesser extent. The few species that managed to successfully refine cosmic energy and use it for warfare typically possessed weaponry with enough power to vaporize an organic standing at 6-7ft within a single shot from what could be compared to a pistol used by modern Convergence factions.
Weapons slightly higher powered than this were able to tear through heavily armoured troops with extremely little effort and starship cannons were, on the high end, able to crack open planets.

Yellow: This type of cosmic energy is very unique in the sense that it is not extracted, nor is it refined. Rather, it is derived from the Cosmic Plane through unknown means, much like how Fey crystals supply magic from the magical realm. This is considered the weakest type of cosmic energy and has so far only been found in one place: Metahumans. Any supernatural that possesses special abilities that aren’t based upon magic fall under this sub-category and the one thing consistent in all of these individuals is that their power is fueled by a special, yellow form of cosmic energy.
Metahumans act as magnets for the cosmic plane and as such, cosmic energy begins to bleed through, in small quantities, from the cosmic plane into standard space. This process chips and shreds away at the white energy particle as it permeates the barrier between the two dimensions, reducing it in size and power until it reaches a point below blue energy, which then enters the Metahuman as yellow energy. This process can not be observed but it is happening constantly within their bodies, providing fuel for their powers.

Red: This is a corrupted form of cosmic energy used by the rogue Celestial, Legion. Although, Armageddon’s fortress was observed to be using the same type of energy, and by extension, his own powers also seemed to be fueled by it. This means that Legion is able to bestow the usage of this energy upon anyone he chooses.
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Cosmic Energy

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