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 Important NPC's of the Imperium.

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Important NPC's of the Imperium. LiSt9Q4 Member of the Month

Important NPC's of the Imperium. Empty
Important NPC's of the Imperium. Empty#1PostSubject: Important NPC's of the Imperium.   Important NPC's of the Imperium. EmptyMon Oct 09, 2017 7:59 am

Below is a list of recurring npc's not listed in other info-threads of the Imperium.


Name:  Scholar-Lord Krell Tor'Mesh
Nicknames: 'Krez'to'kall',Scholar-Lord.
Species: Varanus {Vikah Caste}
Age: 3 424
Faction occupation/role: Head of research and director of the Eurite Project.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Homeworld: Sigmar {Andromeda}


Master in the scientific fields of Biology,Psionics,Bioengineering,Psychology and retroactive evolution.

Minor skill in military tactics.

Devoted to work.  


Varanus physical weaknesses.

Advanced age has dimmed his ability to fight.

Is known for having extreme cruelty to test subjects.

Considered eccentric by his fellow researchers making it difficult to ask for help.

Unlike many Varanus he denies the existence of the Five.



Scholar Robes/Lab jump suit.

Personal Data Sphere.


Is considered unchallenged master in his fields of science in the Imperium.


Tor'Mesh is morbidly curious towards certain aspects of alien races,he rarely speaks to others outside of his inner circle regarding the project and have trouble interacting with his own race itself.

He is a firm believer in a sort of Darwinist ideal of the strongest will prevail and is disappointed in the Imperial policy that suppresses Varanian natural evolution despite the dangers of removing the restrictions.


Not much is known about the secretive scholar.

He was born sometime during the Sigma Wars and joined as a combat medic in the closing years of the war and developed an almost obsessive curiosity regarding alien physiology after treating both Confederate Conscripts and their Xaerrian allies.

During the Age of Decay he aided the rebel Imperialists against the corrupt Serpentum Confederacy and as a reward for saving the life of the future Emperor Sagess he was rewarded with becoming Vikah and joining the new noble caste in governing the new empire.After his transformation he sought to understand how the Kah caste develops despite religious teachings explaining that it was a gift of the Five.

Throughout the Age of Prosperity he served the Emperor as head of Xenobiology until the Empire's retreat to the milky way following the rapid stellar collapse of the Andromeda galaxy.

From there nobody knows what he did until he was appointed as head of a secretive project....One that he was eager to devote his twilight years towards.....Project Eurite.


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Important NPC's of the Imperium.

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